Mayan civilization

This room of the museum is fast becoming one of the public's favourites. It delves into the culture, life and rituals of the Mayan civilisation. You can also find objects from their daily lives, figures of their gods and fragments of murals of their architecture.

Art gallery

A new room in the museum containing various works of art in all kinds of styles: from classical to contemporary. The main works are paintings and sculptures, although there are other more abstract and modern works of art that will surprise visitors.

The exhibition has not gone unnoticed and we have dedicated an article to the originality of some of the works:

Pharaoh Enigtatu

Since the discovery of the tomb of the Pharaoh Enigtatu, the Leystan Museum has opened an entire room dedicated to this lost Pharaoh. The museum has been a pioneer in terms of this discovery, and it is currently the largest exhibition in the world related to the pharaoh.

Several media have already recognised our exhibition and describe it as "essential".

Egyptian Mysteries

Due to the success of the Pharaoh Enigtatu room, we have opened an additional room dedicated to Egyptian culture. We want to delve deeper into the Egyptian civilisation of the past, their way of life, and their gods. This way we will enhance the Enigtatu room by providing it with more context.

A viking day

In this room we want to recreate what everyday Viking life was like. You will find gadgets they used in their daily lives, the weapons they used to fight, as well as the recreation of an authentic Viking ship. This year is the 50th anniversary of the first opening of the room, and for this reason we have brought new pieces to the exhibition.

The Trojan war

We are proud to present the first room with which the museum opened. It contains pieces illustrating different Greek myths such as those told in the Iliad and the Odyssey. One of them is the Trojan War, from which the room takes its name. The main reason for this is because a large part of the room also contains weapons and armour used during the time of these myths.

Private Area